Our Values
...Are the very roots of our community...
  • Showing up authentically as we are, owning our stories, and allowing ourselves to belong.
  • Walking with each other as fellow strugglers and seekers of Christ’s hope.
  • Following Jesus’ example of giving and receiving.
  • Serving and advocating for people in need, especially those who have been forgotten, oppressed or marginalized.
  • Dialoging with each other and with others in the midst of differences and opinions and beliefs.
  • Collaborating with other faith communities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to serve others and cultivate unity together.
  • Protecting what is good and restoring what is broken in God’s creation.
  • Seeing God—Three in One—as the source and center of all we are and all we do.
  • Wrestling with our questions, doubts, and dreams in humility and authenticity as we grow in our relationship with God, others, and ourselves.
  • Healing and recovering from past hurts, unhealthy patterns, and distorted images of God.
  • Honoring the Bible as our story—God’s words for us as the living text of our Christian faith, knowing we all may interpret the Scriptures differently.
  • Welcoming everyone with love, dignity, and hospitality as best we can.
  • Practicing equality in our experiences and leadership, where each person’s voice and gifts are welcomed and valued.
  • Sharing our communion table with all who want to take part.
  • Creating safe spaces for recovery, healing, and learning as we watch strangers become family.
  • Appreciating God as Creator of life, beauty, and enjoyment.
  • Welcoming diverse experiences for encountering and worshipping God.
  • Calling out God’s image in each other and restoring dignity through encouraging creative expression.
  • Laughing, crying, and eating together.
  • Throwing parties, honoring courage and marking milestones, and cherishing annual traditions.
  • Celebrating God’s work in our lives, our community, the world.